Our commitment to client satisfaction is only matched by our commitment to safety.

Our aircraft are impeccably presented and maintained to the highest standards.

Helipower has implemented a Safety Management System to ensure the very best care for our passengers and crew. We utilise iAuditor and AirMaestro in our systems to document and control safe practices in our workplace.

Regular audits by contractors and company internal audits ensure the best practices and the highest quality is maintained.

Helipower pilots are current on the following Accredited Helicopter Safety Courses:

•   Crew Resource Management

•   Flying in the Wire Environment (Wire Strike Awareness)

•   Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

•  Dangerous Goods Awareness

•  Low Level Proficiency

Our Aircraft are equipped with the following safety features –

•    Helicopters are fitted with emergency pop-out flotation systems for all flights over water

•    Pilots carry PLBS devices

•    All helicopters are fitted with UHF and VHF radio communications

•    Our helicopters are fitted with SPIDERTRACKS satellite tracking equipment to ensure aircraft whereabouts are known at all times and for Emergency Situations

•  All of our Helicopters are fitted with Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT)

•  All helicopters carry an emergency first aid kit

•  Regularly serviced life jackets for all passengers

•  Survival Kits are available on required flights which contain water proof battery operated flares..