Survey & Spotting

Anything that needs to be viewed from the air can be done efficiently and accurately by helicopter.  Helipower operate a number of different types of helicopters that can be configured to suit any operational requirements.  

With expert operational ability and commitment to the task we will work with you as a partner.  Our services are rapidly deployed with attention to detail and precision planning.  No job is too big or too small.

We can help you with inspection and survey of:

• Gas pipeline patrols

• Geo / magno / spectro / seismic surveys

• Mining support

• Environmental studies

• Heritage surveys

• Powerline inspections  (preferred supplier for Ergon Energy)

• Animal population surveys

• Farm, real estate and property surveys

• Fish and marine spotting

All of our helicopters have advanced differential GPS systems fitted with data logging capabilities that record a variety of parameters, including flight paths, measure of distances or areas.  The data captured in-flight can be downloaded, imported to GIS software or for over-layed onto other maps or Google Earth.  

To discuss your helicopter survey and spotting requirements contact Helipower.